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rinna started as an AI character development company based in Japan established in June 2020. With a vision of "Co-creation world between humans and AI," rinna aims to realize a society in which all people can exercise their own creativity through rich communication between people and AI. One distinctive quality of rinna is that prior to becoming an independent company, their main focus was in AI research which they now integrate to their products and services making it more reliable and effective.

rinna’s strength lies in generative AI technology that realizes a diverse and inclusive society. rinna helps all people to "be themselves" and to be creative by providing AI characters and AI technology that supports them whether in business or in their personal lives. We create AI Characters, who can generate images and speech - combining them will connect to creations like pictures, songs, and videos.


Our Services

Virtual Human Solution

01Virtual Human Solution

AI technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and a variety of applications are being developed to meet the diverse needs of business. By applying the AI-based speech synthesis and motion generation technologies it has cultivated over the years, rinna has launched a virtual human video creation solution that enables users to create videos in which an avatar of a person speaks and moves naturally, simply by inputting text. The solution is based on voice synthesis and motion generation technologies using AI that have been cultivated so far.

This solution will utilize rinna's AI technology and virtual human solution that turns CG models that imitate real people into moving images. The model person is photographed in a dedicated studio and his or her voice is recorded to create character data. Based on this data, a virtual human is generated that expresses speech with natural intonation in accordance with emotion, as well as movements and changes in facial expressions during speech in real time.

Once created, virtual humans can easily create their own videos that suit their desired situations by loading text data into a dedicated video creation tool. No special equipment, knowledge, or skills are required.



Introducing AICademy, an innovative educational curriculum, your academic ally powered by rinna’s AI technology. Designed to revolutionize the learning experience.

AICademy seamlessly integrates into the educational landscape, offering top notch learning experience to students and educators alike. Harness the power of adaptive learning algorithms that tailor content to individual needs, ensuring a bespoke educational journey. From intelligent lesson planning to dynamic assessments AICademy fosters an interactive and engaging environment. A collaborative and engaging educational ecosystem. Empowering educators with insightful analytics, it facilitates data-driven decision-making for personalized interventions. Students benefit from interactive, adaptive learning modules that cater to their unique needs, fostering a deeper understanding of subjects and welcome a future where AI optimizes understanding, identifies strengths, and provides targeted support.

Elevate your scholastic adventure with AICademy—your AI-driven partner in education, transforming classrooms into dynamic hubs of knowledge and growth.

Tamashiru Custom

03Tamashiru Custom

Tamashiru Custom is the combination of various AI models researched and developed by rinna with third-party LLM (Large Language Models) that is incorporated to the customer’s data to enhance the customer’s business. Helping you choose an LLM that is truly valuable for your business, Tamashiru Custom offers a wealth of features and options to optimize the customer’s installation costs.

rinna has been conducting research and development of AI, including its flagship AI character Rinna since 2015. When the concept of LLM surfaced in 2018, rinna also focused on its research and development specializing in Japanese and Generative AI. As a Japanese AI company, rinna provides LLM solutions that will lead your business to success using our high technical capabilities and expertise cultivated over many years of research, development, and operations. rinna provides one-stop support from proposals and environment construction to operation. We will customize your LLM based on the requirements of each of the customer’s business domains to achieve efficiency and success.

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We work together with partners around the world to spread AI in diverse markets.

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